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Melissa J Thompson Photography bio picture

    Growing up, as I recall, I never had too much to say. An observant child; I have always had a great sense for depth of field, and a different perspective than those around me. I was very shy and quiet. Lanky and awkward. I have fond memories of painting four-foot murals in my mother’s sewing room, and riding my horse on the abundant horseback riding trails in the rural area where I grew up. “Melissa’s a Social Butterfly”. I will never forget when a friend described me as such. A self-described planner, an eternal realist, I give people what they want — decisive moments captured within an optical lens. Timeless archives cherished for generations to come. I look forward to working with you and capturing your decisive moments!! *Bio photo by: Kristen Honeycutt Photo Co.

Jack Straw Writers Anthology | The Bushwick Book Club | Arts & Entertainment

The Bushwick Book Club (Seattle) came to me looking for an event photographer for their shows. I love local hot spots. This month’s show was at The Royal Room in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle. I love music. I love books. Especially books about pregnancy and childbirth, but that’s really beside the point… The point is I’m proud to say that I’m the *official* Bushwick Book Club photographer, and after two months of shooting shows, I am eager to see what book is up next. This month the book featured was  Jack Straw Writers Anthology. Short stories, each vastly unique. This event featured each author reading a short excerpt from the book, and the musicians telling us about their take each story. Very interesting stuff.