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Melissa J Thompson Photography bio picture

    Growing up, as I recall, I never had too much to say. An observant child; I have always had a great sense for depth of field, and a different perspective than those around me. I was very shy and quiet. Lanky and awkward. I have fond memories of painting four-foot murals in my mother’s sewing room, and riding my horse on the abundant horseback riding trails in the rural area where I grew up. “Melissa’s a Social Butterfly”. I will never forget when a friend described me as such. A self-described planner, an eternal realist, I give people what they want — decisive moments captured within an optical lens. Timeless archives cherished for generations to come. I look forward to working with you and capturing your decisive moments!! *Bio photo by: Kristen Honeycutt Photo Co.

Kattie & Rob | Surprise Proposal! | 2013

So, I get a phone call on April Fools day. I quickly realize this isn’t a joke. One of my best friend’s boyfriend is going to propose. On their one-year anniversary. At an iconic spot in Seattle. This is awesome!! Oh yeah, and another thing. I’ve been asked to capture this uber special moment incognito. Wait…. you’re telling me that not only is this one of the most special moment’s in their lives to date, but I’m going to photograph it? Damn straight. The forecast called for sunshine, but Seattle weather has a way of changing moment to moment. On a gray evening in the Emerald City, April 27th, 2013, Robert proposed to Kattie. After a few nerve-wracking close calls (how would I explain my presence??), I caught up to them outside (the wind roaring). This was an incredibly special moment to be a part of!


A Camano Island engagement session!

From the first moment I met Cecillia years and years ago, I felt she was a kind and unique soul. The kind of woman you can trust with your deepest, juiciest secrets… Fast forward to the moment these two first met. Yep, I was there. At the Little Red Hen in Seattle, where I’ve made so many memories with my soul sister and with numerous friends. These two have had their ups and downs, their thick and thins, and finally their proposal on the very soil we shot the first chapter of their engagement session. When I got the message that C wanted me to shoot their wedding, I was super stoked and honored for the opportunity! These two have so much history, and they’re just getting started… Welcome to the family, guys, I can’t wait to go camping in June on the very property you’ll be wed in August!!! Yay for campfires, cabins tucked away on the beach, new memories, and of course, puppies who fetch engagement rings!;)A big thanks to the both of you for waking up so early to be captured in this gorgeous light and trusting the process…


I just LOVE them!!  Thanks for making my job look so easy breezy…

Matrimony moments…

So, you’ve found my website, and are wondering if I shoot weddings. The answer is YES! I have shot numerous weddings over the years, but since this new website redesign (and having a baby, who turned three this year seemingly overnight;))

I don’t have any of my archived work on this site. By popular demand, here are some favorite cherished moments from an archived ceremony last September with Hollie & Travis!

For more recent work, always check out my Facebook page, where you can find out what’s currently going on. www.facebook.com/melissathompsonphotography Enjoy!

Loved this cake/cupcake combo; uber delicious!:)




15 and 16 December 2012

Quite a busy weekend! My daughter and I were in Seattle for most of it; with a photo session and hanging out with friends Saturday, and Sunday was filled with one of my Doula babies’ first birthday parties, and consignment shopping among running errands. It was a productive weekend for sure! Here’s a peek from Molly and Millie’s play date, and from my portrait session Saturday; enjoy!


14 December 2012

Seeking solace on this somber day in December. We will probably never understand why that boy in CT. took all those innocent lives. “Children need our presence, not our presents.” This quote gives me chills as I type. We need to look deeper, are we losing personal connections? How could this boy be so very disturbed, troubled, and lost to give this horrific act a fleeting thought. We need to build our children up; listen, really listen and respond to them attentively. Be strong parents, even on the days we don’t think we have it in us. Love, embrace, cherish, respect.